Sylvia Catharina Hess

My Canary Songbook


The catalogue of my first figurative series of drawings and acryilic paintings on canvas and paper.
34 pages, cover in colour. With a text by the artist,
translated into spanish language by Monika Stegmann.

edition LebensSpuren, 2016


Sylvia Catharina Hess

Still Pictures

Inside World and Outside World

Landscape painting 2008 – 2013

Catalogue for the exhibition in the Airport Club, Frankfurt
with a survey over the most important landscape pictures from the above period of time.
Informational text about the concept: „Why landscape?“

20 pages, ring binding, all illustrations in colour

edition LebensSpuren, 2013


Sylvia Catharina Hess


Sylvia Catharina Hess takes us into the world of flowers
and lets us watch the creation of her work cycle BLOSSOM DREAMS,
on which she worked over a year. In this time she developed the motifs
from realistic depiction to abstraction.

The painter combines the numerous images from this work series with poetic texts,
wisdoms and notes from her workbook. So a very individual blossom cosmos has been created.

32 pages, hardcover, 19 coloured illustrations

edition LebensSpuren, 2009 (out of print)



Sylvia Catharina Hess

"Searching of Traces"

Experimental Landscape Painting 2007/2008

Catalogue with 18 coloured illustrations from the work cycles
"Provence", "Canary Islands", "Toscana" and "Rhine and wine“
With a text by Paul Müller-Brand.

Format: 20 x 15 cm, ring binding, hardcover, 24 pages

edition LebensSpuren, 2008 (out of print)